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Now Recruiting Volunteer Firefighters

With over 300 calls ran last year, we are always at the ready to help our community. We are a combination department, consisting of paid career firefighters and volunteers like you who have a passion for helping their community. 

For an application, call 919-499-5811, or email Chief Meyers

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Firefighting + Technical Rescue

It takes a team to fight fire, and not all of the work happens inside the structure. Being physically fit helps ensure you can carry your equipment and turnout gear. Each fire engine response requires a driver and pumper, as well as firefighters who are at the ready for any emergency. Some calls involve search and rescue for trapped or missing persons, water rescue or even hurricane response.

Emergency Medical Response

NC-87 is a major thoroughfare, and we respond to many vehicle crashes, which require traffic control measures, haz-mat cleanup, Jaws of Life extrications and UNC helipad coordination. Our EMT and paramedics respond to medical calls and provide first aid, assist with diabetic emergencies, seizures and perform CPR. Some calls are assessing the elderly when they slip on ice or responding to fire alarms.

Rescuing a Patient

Routine Station + Apparatus Maintenance

The Scouts say Always be Prepared, and that's an excellent motto for the fire service, as well. Each fire apparatus has tools, gear and medical bags on board that require regular maintenance and servicing. Each week, we are checking hose, shining chrome, cleaning glass, mopping floors, and mowing grass, which aren't adrenaline-inducing, but still very necessary.


For an application, call 919-499-5811​, or email Chief Meyers

I want to volunteer! Now what?

Call the station to get an application or stop by during business hours of 8am-7pm. You'll be given thorough training and on boarding, meet new people and help your community.

Do I need certain skills or certifications?

CTFD will help you gain the skills and certifications you need at no cost to you. Being reasonably physically fit is helpful, but not necessary. Being able to work with a team is a must.

How much does it cost me?


All we require is your time. We will provide you with all of the gear, training and certifications you'll need. We also offer scholarships to the Fire Academy for those looking for a career.

How close must I reside to CTFD?

10 miles from the station.

Every second counts when life is on the line. Volunteers must live within 10 miles of the station. Otherwise, you'll miss the truck, we cannot wait!

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Member Benefits

24 hr Members Gym

Survival skills that will help your family

NIMS, FEMA certifications

Life insurance and disability

Fun family events, dinners and activities

Leadership opportunities

CCCC Fire Academy

Staying up to date with new technologies is critical and Carolina Trace FD is committed to making sure you have the skills and ongoing education needed. Central Carolina Community College offers many firefighting, emergency medical technician and technical rescue courses, which are available to CTFD firefighters at little to no cost

If you are interested in becoming a full-time firefighter, the Fire Fighter Training Academy (FFTA) is a 1000+ hour program that give you the skills and certifications to start your career. The academy starts each year in July and ends with graduation in December, and is available to CTFD members at little to no cost.

Academy graduates may receive the following credentials:

  • Firefighter 

  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic - EMT 

  • HAZMAT Level One Responder- Hazardous material

  • Technical Rescuer General 

  • Vehicle Machinery Rescue (VMR)

  • Emergency Vehicle Driver (EVD) 

  • Incident command system (ICS) 

  • Safety and survival


Thank you to our Members

CTFD has the best group of members who give so much of their time and energy. Thank you!

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