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Fire Prevention and Education Saves Lives

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Emergencies happen every day, but educating the community helps empower citizens to reduce the severity and frequency of accidents and fires. CTFD has several programs in place to get information out to Lee County so folks are more mindful of their behaviors and the affects that can have.

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Smoke Alarm Checks + Install

One of the easiest ways to prevent fires and loss of life and property is the simple smoke alarm. However, many smoke alarms aren't tested frequently and that's a problem. Especially in homes of the elderly and disabled, it's not easy to climb a ladder and replace batteries.

CTFD will come to your home and test the batteries for you. We are happy to replace old batteries and install new smoke alarms, as needed, with no cost to you. 

Call us to schedule an appt.


Ladders to Literacy

Fire prevention starts with educating  children, and so does literacy. We offer a number of children' programs that are fun and educational, with a goal of getting literature in the hands of kids. Not only does this promote safety, but encouraging literacy provides a path out of poverty.

From station tours and story times with Zoey the fire dog to book giveaways that have placed over 800 books in the hands of children in our community, we work hard to provide Ladders to Literacy. If you are interested in our children's programs or would like to partner with us, please call us

baby car seats

Carseat Fit Checks + Install

Safety seats for your children are the first line of defense against major injuries in the event of a car crash. However, car seats aren't always so straightforward, and vehicles aren't all the same.

Whether you're a new parent, grandparent or caregiver, let one of our certified safety seat techs ensure your loved ones are protected. We will also check the recall list to make sure the seat isn't known to have issues.

Call us to schedule an appt.

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