Things to Know About Your Fire Department

Carolina Trace Volunteer Fire Department has been serving our community over thirty years. Comprised primarily of on-call volunteers who work regular jobs and have families, they also have a few paid staff members who man the station Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. They offer valuable resources to our community, like free car seat installations, free smoke detectors and in-home installation, firehouse tours, and community education programs.


"Can you get my cat out of the tree?"

Life-threatening emergencies happen at any moment, so to be at the ready when you call about your neighbor's heart attack, we are unable to rescue pets who are not experiencing a life-or-death emergency.

"I stopped by the station this weekend and no one was there. What gives?"

We strive to be of utmost service to our community and are always available for emergencies. However, most of our firefighters are volunteers and spend their weekends with their families. Feel free to stop by Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, and we will be sure to help!

"My fire hydrant is flooding my yard. Help!"

Fire hydrants are owned and maintained by Utilities Inc. Please call them at 1-800-525-7990 if your hydrant is experiencing leakage.

"I saw a wreck at BP. Why weren't you there?"

Primarily, our district covers the gated community of Carolina Trace and surrounding areas. While the BP is right around the corner, it falls in the City of Sanford's fire district. On occasion, they ask for mutual aid, and we are happy to oblige.

"If we have another hurricane, will the fire department cut trees off my house?"

During severe weather our resources are stretched very thin. Our primary responsibility is for life safety and keeping the roadways clear for emergency vehicles. We will only remove a tree from a house or driveway if it is for a lifesaving operation.

"Do you have a fire station dog?"

While some large fire departments have a station pet, our station doesn't because our building is closed on weekends. However, we have a very friendly Dalmatian mascot who can come to your school or church to educate the little ones. 

Fire Station Hours:
Mon-Fri  7am-8pm
Phone: 919-499-5811
Fax: 919-499-1847
37A Indian Trail
Sanford, NC 27332
Our Staff

Christopher K. Meyers,                    

Fire Chief    

Doug Greenlee 

Assistant Fire Chief             

Our team includes seven paid staff members and a fabulous team of twenty nine volunteers who all sacrifice their time to serve our community.

Board of Directors
Charles Holder

Vice President
Sparky Wilson

John Rzycki

Ed Mcvey